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The sad spiders blog-writing syndicate consists entirely of this one dude named Jeffrey who hails from Ontario, Canada.

Jeffrey is a man of many interests. He enjoys saying curse words, enjoying Christmas-day beers and reading books on his beloved Kobo eReader. He definitely doesn’t condone pirating movies and/or television shows.

Evenings and weekends you’ll find him out riding one of his bicycles, two of whom are named after beloved Simpsons characters. (TODO: Write a little blog about Grimey and Scorpio). One time he rode Grimey 161+ km in a day. This sounds arbitrary but there’s this archaic unit of measurement called a “mile” which is bigger than a km to the tune of 1.6:1. So that means he rode 100 miles, also known as a “century” and apparently that’s a thing. There’s a blog post in the works about this, since it was pretty awful and he hated most seconds of it. (TODO: remove this after the blog is published).

For work Jeffrey is currently working as a web developer for a company that is trying to streamline the hiring process by eliminating cover letters and resumes. He writes code in Typescript and Go primarily but also enjoys Python. His favourite web frameworks are Sveltekit, GoFiber and Django. At some point he plans to learn PHP since it seems like just good sense.

Feel free to get involved with him on Mastodon!

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