sad spiders

Initial Commit

Hey world, look at me!

I seem to start a lot of coding projects and fail to finish them. Myself and quite the army, I would imagine.

When you’re first learning to use version control software, you generally save the first version like so:

$ git commit -m "initial commit"

which means you’re shoving all of your code into the world and now there’s one more project out there that you’re never going to finish.

As a thinking man’s thinking man, I like to make sure I solve my problems as efficiently as possible. My current project is already finished. Yes, simply by pushing out my initial commit, having it build successfully into the form you are currently reading,


sad spiders is done. This is it. This is all it’s ever going to be, until the end of time or until nuclear war or alien attack or rapture, amen. And don’t fool yourselves, when the good lord decides to Rapture this place, I’m going to be among the chosen. But simply by starting a hugo project, configuring a nice, simple theme (thanks janraasch for the sweet theme!) and writing a single, stupid blog post, I am crossing this bastard off my list. It’s done.

Don’t be mean

“Good, your writing is dogshit” I hear you saying from within my own thoughts. Well, you can’t get any better at doing something without practice, right? NO YOU CAN’T except exceptions like watching television or laying down. And what better way to write than to have a platform with very low consequences? I wanted somewhere where I could just write and it can be meaningless and stupid fun but sometimes my brain just needs this outlet.

Alright, let’s call it good there. Honestly having just a blank page in front of you is the worst. More gobbledygook coming soon.

#miscellany #zestiness